A few years ago, in 6th grade I really had a chance to see how mean kids can really be to other kids. There were some kids that would tease other kids who didn't have more than two outfits to wear. I felt so bad for them and then I thought, I can feel bad or actually do something about it. So, I spoke to my parents about starting this charity. I want to give tutoring, clothes, lunch and school supplies to kids that really can't afford it. Sooo .... I hold charity sales at the end of each season and sell 'experienced' brand name clothing for a low cost. The money is then used to buy the supplies, clothes and lunches for as many kids as we can.

Last July, we staged our first Education Adventure Camp - it Rocked!
In December, we warmed up the Presbyterian Night Shelter with blankets.

By myself, I can help a few kids but if you get involved well... we can help a whole lot of kids. Here's what you can do:

    1.If you are a really cool kid (a cool kid is a kid who gives), you can donate your brand name clothing to Clothes.Ed.

    2. If you are an awesome teacher in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, then please contact us at 817.453.8222 and let us know you would like to help.

This has been so exciting and I want to thank my First Giving Friends who gave clothes or donated their time in helping me: Luke, Hannah A., Alexis, Michael, Kristen, Nathan, Morgan, Amanda, Joshua, Grayson, Jett, Orlando, Claire, Jacob, Anyae, Also, the cool adults that helped me in my first sale: Ms. Melinda, Ms. Nicole, Ms. Aishe, Ms. Mommy, Aunty Sam, Mr. Roscoe, Mr. Micah, Mr. Bruce, Uncle Che, Mr. Djuvane and my Dad who said yes to my idea . Thanks for helping dreams come true...

Founder/ Clothes.Ed